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WATCH: Pres. Duterte Answered Brilliantly the Bias Interview Questions of Jessica Soho

Thousands of Filipino netizens and supporters of Pres. Rody Duterte applauded the brilliance of the former Mayor from Davao City on how brilliant he answered some intriguing and often bias questioning of Jessica Soho during an exclusive interview.

During the exclusive interview of Jessica Soho with the Philippine President, the veteran journalist keeps on asking the time frame on when will the war on drugs be stopped but the President answered brilliantly by saying that he will stop only if the last user and pusher will be out of the street.

When Jessica Soho asked that some people keeps on asking about the exact time on when Pres. Duterte stops his war on drugs. The President answered brilliantly by asking Soho who in particular asked the said question.

Watch the Exclusive Video Interview of Jessica Soho with Pres. Duterte:

Jessica Soho responded that those who were asking were the media people, so Pres. Duterte told Soho to bring with her the huge list of names involved in illegal drugs and even dropped the documents to show how heavy it is.

Pres. Duterte also noted that for those people who wants him out or wanted to oust him from office, he challenge them that "if you can think you can solve the problem faster, be my guest."

The President of the Republic, Pres. Duterte also granted interviews with ABS-CBN, CNN Philippines and TV-5 on December 29, 2016.  


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