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WATCH: Filipino People To Opposition: We Will Do Everything To #ProtectDuterte

December marks the 6th month of President Rodrigo Duterte as the head of this country, a remarkable amount of achievements were recorded however, villains are plotting propaganda to oust him.

The Filipino people shouted 'we will do everything to protect him' in a video uploaded by Facebook pafe Cinemotion Digital Films as yellowtards are coming out voicing the President should resign and let VP Leni Robredo take over the presidency.

"Get ready to the power grabber. Wag nyo subukan at baka makita nyo ang galit ng taong bayan. Nakahanda rin kaming lumabas sakaling ituloy nyo ang pagpapatalsik sa Pangulong halal ng taong bayan," the caption said.

In the said video, Loida Nicolas Lewis was featured saying the President should now resign because Robredo will take over his position which angered the Filipino people.

For the netizens, the clips in the said video will be expected to turn into reality if the yellow will continue their plans. Duterte seems to unit the people and these people are determined to protect the leader whom they believe brought change in the country.


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