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WATCH: Duterte to De Lima "Maraming buhay na Pilipino ang sinira mo!"

President Rodrigo Duterte is very outspoken about Senator Leila De Lima’s secrets connecting her with other government officials into illegal drug trades and for having an affair to the former MMDA chairman and his driver.
The President even released a drug matrix whereas, it shows the roles and relationship De Lima has to each person involved in the drug matrix.

Now, Duterte shows off his bravest side indicating that De Lima is worse than him by destroying several lives of the people through drugs.

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On the other hand, the president did not deny that there are indeed dangerous encounters between his policemen and drug pushers and users.

"She violated the human rights, she started everything not only me but maraming pilipinong sinira niya," President said

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"Now the truth is out, the cat is out of the bag ika nga, so what happens now since she’s been yakking now the same issues, I do not deny that there are encounters between the police and the drugs, sinasabi ko lumalaban talaga yan," He added

Here’s the short video of President Duterte:

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