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Vladimir Putin : Trump is Vocal Like Duterte

WASHINGTON DC-Russian President Vladimir has once again compared President-elect Donald Trump to the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte saying they look alike. 

Speaking during Russia Annual Dinner (RAD) held at All Chambers Hall in Moscow, Putin has expressed his joy over the two leaders claiming they have come the right time"President Donald Trump has come the right time,Philippine held her elections on May and the Filipinos elected a very vocal man just like Trump and Me,with these two leaders the world must change and good governance must be felt across the globe" said Putin.

Vladimir mentioned few issues that Philippines President has achieved since he ascended the throne on May 2016. "Like for example, Duterte has eliminated all drug lords in the Philippines within 3 months,and I'm sure he will bring development and good governance not only in the Philippines but in the whole world,both Trump and Duterte are the men to be watched." He remarked.

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