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Veteran News Reporter Cesar Apolinario Warns Netizens About New Modus Operandus By House Robbers

Award-winner and Filipino household name, Cesar Apolinario, is one of the most trusted reporters in Philippine news.

So, when he warned Filipinos of a new modus operandi being used by robbers, netizens were quick to heed his advice.

In a post he made on Facebook, Mr Apolinario warned netizens of a new modus by thieves who dress up and impersonate water station or electricity company employees, with the intention of robbing home owners at gunpoint.

He said that these robbers have already been spotted in many areas across the metro.

He warned that criminals will always find ways to exploit the innocent, especially with Christmas just around the corner. He warned that people should pay attention to these public advisories, so as to prepare from danger.

The post immediately went viral and has accumulated more than 10 thousand reactions from Facebook users and more than 24 thousand shares. This will help spread the word quickly and make more citizens aware of the modus.

Netizens were also quick to give additional information about other modus operandi that robbers and thieves use to take advantage of others.

One Facebook user shared a story about robbers who pretended to be gas tank employees.


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