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Trending News: Noynoy Aquino is the Philippine WORST PRESIDENT ever!

Noynoy Aquino is going to go down in history as the Philippines WORST PRESIDENT ever having been the most anti-reform president who refused to make any progress towards causing absolutely necessary constitutional reforms to happen, and plus his riding on his predecessors achievements despite his constant badmouthing and blaming her.

And this takes the cake....He was also the worst when it came to dealing with hostage situations.

Just barely a few weeks into his term, he was hit by the Luneta Bus Hostage Crisis which turned into a massacre when it shouldn't have! It should have been really easy to fix that issue...

The hostage-taker wasn't asking for money. He just wanted to know that his case was going to be looked into. That was it. Very easy to solve.

Had Noynoy stepped in, he could have shown that he was looking into it and getting the ombudsman to check it out and issue the right paperwork, and that could have been very easily facilitated early on within the first 2 to 3 hours of the hostage-ta

But because he was (still is) so incompetent, he clearly did nothing in terms of getting it solved.

No one had to die. It was an easy case to solve the hostage-taker Capt. Mendoza just wanted to know that his case was being reviewed, that was it. 

Its easy to show that with simple paperwork. Heck, had it been facilitated at the highest levels, the hostages would have all been freed. No one would have died.

But no, he did nothing and in the end it descended into a bloody aftermath with lots of innocent tourists from Hong Kong killed/injured.

Then recently theres the issue of the Abu Sayyafs killing of two Canadians.

There was absolutely no gesture on the part of Noynoy to show that he cared about trying to save their lives and get them all free. Nothing like that whatsoever.

Duterte hadn’t taken office yet but he was able to secure the Filipina hostage’s freedom.

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