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Sotto defends Duterte on FVRs Asmnt 'He has the will to cleanse our nation on the drug syndicates prev Pres. don't dare do that'

Senator Richard Gordon and Tito Sotto are more than willing to review the negative assessment of former President Ramos, prior to Duterte’s first 100 days in the Office.

Both senators remain loyal and believe that President Rodrigo Duterte should be given a chance by the people and other government officials to prove himself that he’s worthy to be the leader of our country.

All of his colourful language, obnoxious or distasteful as they may be has addressed a problem in his first 100 days that other Presidents did not even dare to touch.

Perhaps he has the political will to cleanse our nation of greedy leeches in government, in society, and especially the drug syndicates. Let us give him the chance to do the best he can–Sen. Sotto

Aside from that, Senator Gordon appeals that Duterte might not show it that he’s listening but deep in his heart and he remembers and keep each and every suggestion that will improve his leadership.

Maraming nagmamalasakit kay President Duterte. I know he listens when the advice comes from people he respects. He may pretend not to show it but sincerely believe he does listen. –Sen. Gordon

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