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SHOCKING: Arnel Ignacio Lambasts Catholic Church for anti-DU30 remarks

President Rodrigo Duterte's strategy in dealing with issues of national importance is really unconventional. Just recently, the tough-talking President outraged many netizens for his harsh comments supposedly responding to his critics in the international community.

In the past few weeks, he was also involved in a heated exchange of words versus newly-elected senator and former Department of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima.

The president, true to his words of going after the 'big fish', is not afraid of saying things in public even if it means a declaration of war against involved parties.

Duterte, who previously served as Davao City mayor is also linked to the rising number of extra-judicial killings in line with his war on illegal drugs and criminality.

As a result, many members of the Catholic church, which is the dominant religion in the country, expressed their concern with the lack of respect on human life. Some even criticized the President's way of dealing with things.

The president then responded and criticized the institution which, according to him, needs to explain many things in relation to the issues faced by the Catholic Church.

Despite that, many people still find themselves rallying behind the president. From general public to celebrities, there are still die-hard supporters who are willing to stand with the President no matter what.

A video featuring celebrity host/singer Arnell Ignacio criticizing the top officials of the Catholic Church has gone viral on social media.

The video features the Rak of Aegis star backing up President Duterte in his heated exchange of words versus the powerful institution. The video, which now has more than 15 thousand views, is not the first time that a celebrity supporter of President Duterte expressed their support for chief executive. [source]


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