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REVEALED: Ang Tunay Na Pumatay kay Ninoy Aquino; NOT Marcos

A netizen named Willy Ramasola, which I presume a personality of influence, posted in his Facebook account a very shocking revelation. He said that it was Danding Cojuangco who is the real maker of presidents of the Philippines. Well, at least starting from former President Marcos. Ramasola said that Danding was a crony of Marcos and made lots of money from coconut farmers in the past and until today. He theorized that it was him who had Ninoy Aquino assassinated. He had Ninoy killed not because he hated him but because he knew that Ninoy’s assassination would topple the Marcos government, and will make Cory Aquino, his cousin, the next president of the Philippines. Ramasola also said that he is the main financier of Noynoy Aquino’s campaign in 2010. And that his presidential bet on this year’s elections is Senator Grace Poe.

 Here is the shocking revelation he posted in his Facebook account 15 hours ago.

 Danding Cojuangco is the real kingmaker of this country. He was a Marcos crony. He made tons and tons of money from coconut farmers and many other businesses that he cornered during the Marcos era. The assassins of Ninoy Aquino pointed to Danding as the mastermind. If ever this was true, Danding had Ninoy killed not because he hated Ninoy but because he believed the death of Ninoy will overthrow Marcos and will catapult his cousin Cory to power and ensure continuity of his influence on our national affairs. Danding was a major financial donor to PNoy’s campaign in 2010. And he is now making a major bet on Grace Poe to become our next president. Now I know what Grace meant when she said “ipagpatuloy ko ang legacy ni FPJ.” In this ad, FPJ can be seen promoting Danding’s San Miguel Beer. Grace Poe will continue to promote the interests of Danding Cojuangco once she becomes our next President. God bless you all. [source]

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