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Prominent lawyer's powerful message to Cardinal Tagle: You preach forgiveness but...


Out of respect for your position, I will not open with invectives but can you please at least talk to Archbishop Socrates Villegas because it seems you are giving us mixed signals. Last time, Villegas told us that it is immoral to bury Marcos because there has to be justice for the victims of Martial Law. In essence, he told the believers not to forgive a dead sinner and insisted that earthly justice be served before we forgive.

Now, you are telling us to aid sinners. Yes, it is easy to aid addicts. Most are victims of circumstance. But you are also asking us to aid drug lords, drug protectors and even public officers who gained from drug money and elected officials who got elected using drug money.

How about their victims, Cardinal? Do we not insist on earthly justice instead? I understand lawyers who defend them because they have the right to counsel but when you call on ordinary believers to aid them, you telling us to be forgiving even helpful. You preach forgiveness but your brethren could not muster to forgive a dead sinner?

Let me just offer my prayers to you, Cardinal. I think you need it. Many of those you outrank seem to be disobeying your call for forgiveness.


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