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In an open letter posted on Facebook, a Consultant, Lecturer, Political Commentator and Studied Political Science, Sociology and Psychology, wrote an open letter to give an advice to those involved in illegal drugs and corruption under Senator Leila De Lima or by themselves.

According to him people who have been involved in illegal drugs should be surrender because they will be caught and will have more severe punishment.

He said that if you are at the bottom of illegal drug gangs, don’t be afraid to report to President Duterte’s office and asked for amnesty and seek the state’s protection.

In his last letter quoted that he can understand the position of President Duterte and knows that the President needs all the domestic and international support that he can get.

Read his full letter below:

I have an advice for those who have been involved in drugs and corruption under Senator De Lima or by themselves! Please surrender to your President's office, because you will be caught and you will have more severe punishment then she if and when the government comes after you. If you are at the bottom of the drug gangs/pushers, the criminal higher-ups are in fear of you exposing them and will want to get rid of you and your family. Don't be afraid of them and report to your President's office and ask for amnesty and seek the state's protection.

Give the government all the evidence they need to strengthen their cases against illegal drugs and corruption, and help them to end the drug war faster and create peace and security at faster pace.

Your President is aiming to help all the Filipinos (including you), and I am sure there will be many other jobs you can do that is honest and pay more than corruption and illegal drugs, because not only the international community is investing in the Philippine more and more, but also your government is going to create many jobs (be patient, improve skills, and help your President by doing the right thing to surrender to him and provide any evidence and support his government needs to create peace and security in your country and end the corruption and drug problems).

If you are not in illegal drugs and corruption, but know of people who are, you ought to report them to the President's office as well. Why? Because the security and peace in your country can be created by you policing each other for at least the moment being. Why? Because the drug, organized crime and corruption goes much deeper than previously thought existed! If you want a better Philippine and a better life for yourself and your families and children, you must be 100% supporting your President.

As a professional foreigner, I can understand the position of your President and I know that he needs all the domestic and international support he can get.


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