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President Duterte Sinibak Ang 92 Personnel From LTFRB at LTO

To crack down corruption from Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and Land Transportation Office (LTO) President Rodrigo Duterte said he fired 92 employees from these agencies.
Duterte said on Monday, December 12, during the Ten Outstanding Filipinos (TOFIL) awarding ceremony held at the Palace.
“I just fired 92 of the mga LTFRB pati ‘yung LTO – ubos ,”
The President restated his promise to stop corruption in government to TOFIL awardees and attendees.
“If I allow your practices to continue, nothing will come out of my promise about graft and corruption. Pati ako idadamay mo ako sa kalokohan mo diyan ” said by the President.
The LTFRB and LTO are among the most corruption-ridden agencies in government previously identified by the President.
He also repeated his requirement to all government departments that they process permits and other documents being requested by the private sector in no more than a month.
“My orders now, one month for every department and the local governments, for business permit, electrical connections, even the fireman, I call your attention,” he said

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