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Actress Dawn Zulueta is throwing her full support to President Rodrigo Duterte.

In an interview with ABS-CBN news she personally witnessed what President Duterte can do, she shared her experience living in Davao City.

"Ako, naging maganda ang experience ko living in Davao. I love it there. It is so peaceful. The peace and order is really fantastic, malinis. Makikita mo talaga 'yung displina maski ng mga tao,” she said.

"I guess 'yung pag-manage talaga ni Mayor (Duterte) sa city, lahat ng mga tao talaga, meron talaga silang respeto para sa kanya because they follow the rules. Because of his landslide victory, maraming talagang bumoto sa kanya, maraming nagmamahal, I’d like to think na lahat iyan gugustuhin din talaga suportahan siya,” she added.

"The country is ready for it. We are ready for that kind of change because I think it is a positive change," she said.

When asked to share a particular remarkable rule which Duterte has implemented in Davao City, Zulueta said: "So simple, 'yung rule na lang on smoking. You are allowed to smoke but you can only smoke in certain areas. You're not even allowed to smoke just anywhere outside."

"I remember when that was just an ordinance, bago pa lang, siguro mga three years lang, binibiro ko si Mayor. Sabi ko, 'Mayor naman, masyado namang strikto iyan. Bakit naman talaga kailangan walang fireworks? Hindi ba puwedeng maski light show man lang, manonood na lang kami?' Pero sabi niya, 'Hindi. Kailangan kasi kapag ginagawa ang mga ganyang klaseng ordinansa, kailangan talaga muna strikto. Masanay muna ang mga tao this way and then later on, puwede na rin siguro mag-loosen up.' I don’t know if he still thinks that way, but I believe in that. Tama rin naman iyon," she said.

Asked her if she agrees with President Duterte’s plan to impose curfew on minors as well as nationwide liquor ban.

"Why not? Shouldn't we all be sleeping? Aren't kids supposed to be asleep? I don't see anything wrong with that," she said.


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