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Netizens Sinupalpal angiang UN rapporteur Dr. Callamard: Pumunta ka sa Syria and Africa, Ang iyong atensiyon ay maskailangan Doon!

Netizens slam UN rapporteur Dr. Callamard: Go to Syria and Africa, your attention is much needed there!

When United Nations special rapporteur on summary executions Agnes Callamard agreed to come to the Philippines to investigate the situation caused by Duterte's drug war, netizens reacted with loathing.

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panela than gave a message to  the UN “When you are in New York or somewhere else, 10,000 kilometers or miles away from the Philippines and then you make such judgments, that’s recklessness... Those statements are misplaced and baseless, and they better come over and see for themselves the real situation." 

Callamard replied to this  on Twitter, "Invitation to investigate welcomed. Ready to ‘see for myself.’”

Netizens reacted with aversion on social media.

Some thought that Callamard's visit would be unnecessary asking her to investigate on other places where she is more needed.

Anjeli Christal on Facebook even said that the UN would go the extra mile just to prove that they are the authority. "There are more killings elsewhere, Leave our country alone". she wrote.

Toto Briones asked her to go to Syria or Africa instead.

One man by the Facebook name of Darthvader Starwars even said that the UN shouldn't judge the Philippines since they have held the world to your standards and have caused more destruction and destitution instead.

According to Presidential Spokespersson Ernesto Abella, Callamard was not given an invitation.

Callamard is the former executive director of Article 19, an international human rights organization.

Here are some netizens' reactions:


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