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LOOK! The President with a good heart: Duterte and Typhoon Nona

TWO days before Christmas, former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte flew to Sorsogon and Oriental Mindoro to give assistance and comfort the victims of Typhoon Nona.

Unknown to journalists who kept on following the mayor, Duterte left Davao Wednesday morning on board a chopper that brought him to Sorsogon and Oriental Mindoro to deliver Davao City’s financial assistance to towns affected by the typhoon that killed around 40 people.

“He did not really want to make an announcement because he didn’t think it was necessary,” a Duterte staff said.

The staff added that Duterte did not want for people to misconstrue the gesture of the Davao City government as something that is underlined with politics.

“He’s avoiding politics. He does not want people to misinterpret this gesture of goodwill as having something to do with politics,” the staff added.

That he handed down the financial assistance to the affected towns was confirmed by Duterte’s executive assistant, Christopher Bong Go.

“Yes, we are in Sorsogon right now,” he said when asked whether Duterte indeed flew to Nona affected areas to hand over the financial aid.

On Tuesday, the Davao City Council has passed a resolution giving Duterte the authority to allocate funds for the victims of Nona.

The council decided to give P11 million pesos from the city’s calamity fund. (Newsdesk.Asia)


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