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LOOK: Duterte Reveals How ABS-CBN Twists Stories To Destroy Him

In the interview with Mocha Uson, President-elect Rodrido Duterte slams ABS-CBN for twisting their headlines and misquotes to make him look bad.

“Ang lumabas sa media, doon sa Teleradyo sa ABS-CBN, si Duterte inimbitahan ng Rotarians walang ginawa kung hindi magmura. I was not really… Wala namang… Kinukuwento ko lang, parang ganoon,” he said.

“Alam mo ang ginawa ng ABS, kinopya ‘yung salita ko na ganoon, minus itong sinabi ko—‘yung talagang papatayin ka lang pati ‘yung doon sa ARMM, ‘yung journalists na 67, pinatay. Marunong sila mag-ano… And if they really want to destroy you, they will destroy you, that’s the problem,” he said.

Those instances, he said, prompted him to decline interview requests from the biggest TV network ABS-CBN since he might just be misquoted.

Duterte also revealed that there were times that ABS-CBN refused to air his TV campaign commercial in favor of Mar Roxas, Liberal Party’s standard-bearer who came second in the May 9 polls.

“Yung aming ano… ‘Yung 30 seconds is almost P900,000. May mga ano kami hindi nila in-air because they were favoring Roxas. Ako, I was asking (for) a fair play.

Media is always asking for fairness and correctness but they are the ones corrupting the institutions,” he said.

Duterte wown the May 9 polls with 6m more votes from his closest rival, Mar Roxas. [source]

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