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In his post, Gonzales said that Nicolas-Lewis should be declared "Persona-non grata for scheming to destabilize the Philippines through an Oust President Duterte plot masquerading as Resign Duterte call."

Gonzales also said that her wicked dark dealing with the Liberal Party (LP) is a violation of Philippine democracy.

According to Gonzales, Nicolas-Lewis is using her money to meddle in Philippine politics and her voice is being used by propagandist local media to promote insurgents in our country.

Read the full post of Mr. Rocky Gonzales below:

"Loida Nicolas-Lewis should be declared persona non grata for scheming to destabilize the Philippines through an “Oust President Duterte” plot masquerading as “Resign Duterte” call.

The posh and polish of her Chanel suits and strands of pearls do not sufficiently conceal her festering and disingenuous nature. Her unscrupulously dark dealings with the LP coalition is a violation of diplomatic protocol and Philippine democracy. This Filipino-born American is meddling in Philippine politics through her financial resources and her voice being trumpetted by our propagandist local media. Like her, all these news channels that promote this bid to remove the people's duly elected leader are insurgents in our country."


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