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Leni nasa Amerika Nagpasko Habang ang mga Bicolano Ay Inilikas ng Goberno Dahil Sa Bagyo!

An article by website Thingkingpinoy questioned Vice President Leni Robredo's trip to the United States on Christmas day because while she is on vacation, the government in the Bicol region is busy evacuating citizens in preparation for typhoon Nina.

It said that it was hypocritic for Robredo to leave while the government is busy helping thousands of her own constituents in need.

Leni, having declared a net worth of eight million in her 2015 Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth, would have spent 12 percent of her net worth in a span of weeks, assuming she spends one million by bringing her whole family to US.

What is even more suspicious, according to the article, is why the VP chose the United States instead of other places where it could've been cheaper, as she brands herself as having a modest lifestyle, with her signature "tsinelas" image.

Robredo also said that the reason why she left Naga is because she remembers too much of her late husband, Jesse. However, this seems suspicious as Leni even spent her 2014 Christmas in Jesse's grave.

The article imposed that her feelings are no excuse to neglect her duties as a public official.

It also said that the VP might be scheming with Liberal Party supporter Loida Nicolas-Lewis who is based in New York.

Leni's case is the same as the case of PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa and the writer said he wondered if Ombudsman Conchita Morales would also probe her case.


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