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Keep Off Philippines Affair,President Vladimir Putin Tells Human Rights Group

Moscow—President of Russia Vladimir Putin has told off an international human rights group for middling in Asia,saying Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is a free thinker and he should not be questioned on whatever decision he takes.

“This human rights group should keep off Philippines affair,i know President Duterte as a sober minded and a free thinker especially when he is taking decision,the ongoing debate on whether to probe Duterte over extrajudicial killings is baseless and unfounded,you cannot control an independent country like Philippines.We are ready to die defending President Duterte,” Said President Putin

Putin has urged Mr.Duterte to ignore the group quests and consider pulling out of International Criminal Court since its a colonial court,”My brother Duterte should ignore the human rights quests and continue serving his people,he can even pull out of this colonial court, ICC.” he remarked

An international human rights group on Wednesday called for an International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation against President Rodrigo Duterte and alleged extra-judicial killings in the Philippines.

“Our greatest concern is that there appears to be crimes against humanity being committed in the Philippines with no attempt to stop them no attempt to investigate and prosecute them,” Alison Smith from the group No Peace Without Justice told ABS-CBN News.


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