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Journalist ibinuking ang connection ni James Taylor, Loida Lewis and De Lima

"James Taylor cancels his concert in Manila, because Democrat big time funder Loida Nicolas Lewis told him so."
Created photo of Newsinfolearn from Jeff Meshel's World, The Catalyst Writer and Philstar

This is the what Journalist Ira Panganiban wrote on his Facebook account after the American singer decided to cancel his scheduled concert next year.

Recently, Taylor said that he cancelled his concert because of the alleged extrajudicial killings happening in the country.

Read James Taylor said below
"I've been eagerly looking forward to playing for my Philippine audience ever since weadded Manila to our tour of the Pacific this coming February. So it saddens me to cancel our concert there. I don't think of my music as being particularly political, but sometimes one is called upon to make a political stand.

"The scourge of addiction is a worldwide problem and does serious harm, not only to the addict but to our society. For a sovereign nation to prosecute and punish, under the law, those responsible for the illegal trade in drugs, is, of course, understandble, even commendable; but recent reports from the Philippines of summary executions of suspected offenders without trial or judicial process are deeply concerning and unacceptable to anyone who loves the rule of law."

Meanwhile, Panganiban said that Taylor is a hard line Democrat and very close to the Obama's and Clinton's.

He said that Loida Nicolas-Lewis is behind the cancellation of Taylor's concert in the Philippines.

Read the full post of Ira Panganiban below:

James Taylor cancels his concert in Manila, because Democrat big time funder Loida Nicolas Lewis told him so.

Remember that Taylor is a hard line, true blue Democrat who is on a first name basis with the Obama's and Clinton's.

Also, Loida Nicolas Lewis, another hard line Democrat, donates millions of dollars to the Democratic Party.

And Leila de Lima just came from the US very recently, in New York and Washington at that, to meet with her moneyed principals against Duterte.

O sige, just like the yellow big media, pag-tahi-tahiin niyo na ang connection ng pagatras ni James Taylor sa concert at koneksiyon nito kay Loida, Leila at Re-Du2017 campaign.

Oh, yung Re-Du2017 ang latest plot na Remove Duterte in 2017. Galing yan sa kampo ni Trillanes sabi ng source ko.

O kita niyo, ako din may source!!! Hahahaha!!!!


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