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According to President Rodrigo Duterte, he doesn’t need to explain why he ordered Philippine National Police Chief “Bato” Dela Rosa to hold the suspension against Supt. Marvin Marcos.

“As the head of government and Chief Executive, the police is under me. So the PNP (Philippine National Police) Chief is under my supervision and control. I dont have to explain to you, the whole Republic of the Philippines and critics, why I made the order for him just to sit down and do not remove him,” Duterte said.

“Ngayon lumalabas akong number one tuloy, they are questioning my motive na ganoon, that I knew before …they are now assuming that maybe I knew about the operation…ako nagutos sa loob. But whatever the reason, that’s my discretion. Do not force me or criticize me to believe the theory and assumption, even with the witnesses, that the mayor was killed inside the jail.” Duterte added.

Meanwhile, Senator Leila De Lima asked the motives of President Duterte why he stepping in the case of Marcos.

The President said that he wanted Marcos back so he could lead the police to his drug connections.

“Well ,actually Marcos was eventually removed. But I said no when they initially wanted him out, I told them keep him there. There is a purpose, don’t ask questions,” Duterte said.

According to President Duterte, breaking protocol was not an issue because he was the commander-in-chief.

“Protocol? I ordered the transfer or retention and if you ask me about protocol, there is no such thing as protocol when there is absolute control and supervision. I can modify, amend, revoke any order in this Execuitve department,” said Duterte.

“As president, I don’t have to give you the rationale or reason why I ordered your reinstatement right away,” said Duterte.

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