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GOOD NEWS! 18 days after Duterte order, Yolanda Victims can now visit their new homes in Tacloban.


After three years of waiting for a new home, Yolanda Victims now visited their newly built houses for the first time November 27, Saturday.

Yolanda Houses for Yolanda Victims Photos: Presidential Assistant for the Visayas
After President Rodrigo Duterte saw that many Yolanda victims were still lived in the danger zones of Tacloban and bunkhouses, he ordered Presidential Assistant for Visayas Michael Dino to rush the building of the houses to ensure that all of them can now live in their new houses by December.

He also ordered Dino to live near the construction area to monitor the Yolanda Housing project very well.
Duterte also joked that he might shoot Dino if he fail to complete the project before the deadline.
““You know, I rarely shoot people especially my friends. If you fail to do that…” Duterte told Dino in jest. ”

In the photo posted by the Office of the Presidential Assistant for Visayas Facebook Fanpage, the Yolanda Victims saw holding their cleaning tools and happy to visit their newly built houses.

On March 2016, 20,893 houses had been built, far from the target of more than 205,000 shelters. Vice President Leni Robredo also confirmed that only 1% of houses for Yolanda Victims were completed, so when President Duterte visited Tacloban and the victims of the Super Typhoon Yolanda, he ordered that everyone should enjoy their Christmas in their new homes.


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