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Filipina doctor explains how Yolanda victims got their permanent homes in EIGHTEEN days

How Yolanda victims Got Their Permanent Homes in EIGHTEEN Days (Not the TWO TO THREE YEARS VP Leni Robredo said it takes.) by Ms. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

On November 8, the President Duterte visits Tacloban and sees the horrid living conditions Yolanda victims were in and it is unbearable to him. So he orders the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Michael Dino to get on top of the situation.

The houses were already there. They only needed housing permits to be released----the chokepoint that nobody had yet untied (because guess-who—the Big Kahuna—was living la vida loca at that moment, giving speeches, cutting ribbons—so she would have something to put in her list of accomplishments I guess).

PAV Michael Dino worked with the local government units to do their end of the bargain—to install water and power supply and thus, got those permits in record time.

By November 26, the first 280 families walked into their brand new homes.

See, working with LGUs is basic.

It’s not rocket science.

It only is rocket science to the newbie who’s too proud, too inept to ask for help. The newbie who’s lazy and won’t do the work she’s been tasked to do. The newbie who will not work with what she has but will insist that she can only work with her nominees. The newbie who’s too green to know she’s being used for political gain by her party of losers.

I am happy, real happy Leni Robredo has resigned as HUDCC head. The poor of Samar that I have come to love now have a fighting chance of living more dignified lives now that the incompetent Leni Robredo is out of the way.

See, that’s the huge difference between great leadership and godawful leadership.

The former has heart and will search the ends of the earth to get things done. The latter has no heart—is all into yawning and butt scratching—and can only come up with excuses for why something cannot be done.

That’s Leni Robredo unmasked to all of us: bumbling, inept, indifferent to everything but party loyalty.



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