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Erwin Tulfo to De Lima: don’t use women’s rights, kabit ka ng may asawa

News anchor Erwin Tulfo lashed on Senator Leila de Lima, calling her a mistress who should not use women’s rights as an excuse for her misbehaviour.
Erwin Tulfo to De Lima: don't use women's rights, kabit ka ng may asawa
Photo by ABS-CBN
“Sen. De Lima should stop mentioning that her rights as a woman was violated, and try to drag the women rights groups to her side in her press statements on her predicament right now.” he wrote.
De Lima admitted to an affair with her married bodyguard, Ronnie Dayan.
He said while he agrees that “love knows no boundaries” one should not have an affair with a married person, especially if the person is one’s subordinate.
“For one, the lady senator’s problem is of her own doing. “Kakabit ka sa lalaking may asawa”, which is not a common practice of Filipino women.”
He said he agrees with the people that the senate is dragging its feet in suspending De Lima.
“Fair is fair Your Honors…and for Leila, wag mong gamiting kasangkapan ang women’s rights.” he wrote.
“”Hindi po malandi ang mga Pinay”, says Inday, my household help from Bicol.” he added.
Source: Erwin Tulfofilipinewsph.com

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