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Duterte to start Bicol Intl. Airport after 11 years:South Luzon gateway to bring millions of tourist a year

Former Governor of Albay and the current Representative of ALbay’s 2nd District Joey Salceda praised President Rodrigo Duterte for giving green light to the most awaited Bicol International Airport.

According to Salceda, President Duterte was able to do in four months what the previous administration didn’t do in the past three years.
He thanked the President for his actions that would boos the tourism in Albay.
“We thank President Duterte for this decisive action and we are confident that an international airport will sustain the gains of Albay tourism,” said Salceda.
The groundbreaking of the Bicol International Airport on December 8 was expected to attend by the President.
He also amazed after President Duterte proven that he really cares for his people.
“Duterte is a good man who genuinely cares for his people – his heart is in the right place so his guts and gut feel honed by years as local chief executive is fit for the challenges for nation building‎,” said Salceda.‎
Because of the efforts of the Salceda to boost the tourism in Albay, the 8,700 foreign tourist in 2007 exploted to 339,000 in 2015. But Salceda believes that Albay has still a potential to push it to millions of foreign tourist every year.
He believes that because of the projects like the 171 Billion South Line of the North-South Railway Project, tourist arrivals are expected to tripled to 1.2 million by 2025 and may also made the Albay as an economic powerhouse.
The dreamed Bicol Airport of Salceda started in April 2005, but when the Aquino administration entered, the building of the airport was neglected.
Now because of the new administration, after 11 years the Bicol Airport that Salceda dreamed would be built soon.

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