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Drug den found inside ‘house of God’!

Police arrested the house’s caretaker, Danilo Lanyohan, along with eight persons believed to be patrons of the said drug den: 

Abelardo Abolencia 

Danilo Villar 

Velmar Villara 

Margarito Balbido 

Gilbert Nacao 

Ronelo Agulto 

Marco Berba 

Benjamin Tajar 

The suspects were caught red-handed sniffing shabu. They face charges of violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002. 

Police busted the hidden drug den at the first floor of the house at 1870 Guanzon Street, Barangay 831 in Pandacan. The house has a Christian church upstairs. 

Supt. Emerey Abating, Manila Police District Pandacan Police Station (PS10) commander, said it took authorities two weeks to finally bust the drug den as the caretaker Lanyohan “is hard to talk to because only the people acquainted to him can get inside the house”. 

Abating said the group took advantage of the smoke coming from the house owner’s lechon grill business to conceal the smoke from their shabu session. 

Joseph Morales, Barangay 831 chairman, also told police that they noticed different sets groups of people entering the house every night. 

Lanyohan denied the presence of the drug den in the house. 

But barangay and police records showed he had turned himself in to authorities in a recent Oplan Tokhang in the area and had twice attended the barangay’s program for drug surrenderees.


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