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BREAKING:Duterte ‎reveals Loida Nicolas Lewis widow of richest African-American Businessman as the culprit who plans to oust him

Loida Nicolas-Lewis is the leading campaigner of defeated presidential bet Mar Roxas. President Rodrigo Duterte told the media that she is behind the plot to launch massive protest to oust him.
He did not name her but the President is obviously referring to her as the widow of Richard Lewis , the richest African-american businessman in 1980's.
“Next year, there will be mass demonstration, for all I care. Wala akong illusions. Do not give me a reason to go out because you might have…you might get your wish.” the President said.

“Meron next year, a certain financier, mayaman na babae who married a black and is now a millionaire and she is planning to do massive demonstration,” he added.


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