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Breaking News! Loida Nicolas-Lewis Suspended From US For Three Months

NEW YORK—US President-elect Donald Trump has this morning wrote to the office of the secretary of state, John Kerry to suspend the Fil-Am community leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis from United States of America.

Speaking on Sunday evening, the 68th and current United States Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry has confirmed to have received a letter from President Trump to ban Loida from America for a period of three months following her recent remarks which according to Trump is a damage to the face of Philippines. “…Please consider suspending the Fil-Am community leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis for her continue disrespect to the Philippines President Mr.Rodrigo Duterte…” the letter read. According to Trump, Loida has been protecting drug-lords in the Philippines saying the Philippines President Duterte is a ‘murderer.’ “…Loida cannot protect drug-lords which Duterte is tirelessly fighting and expect us massage her ego,she should know peolpe…” it read.

Surprisingly,Filipinos in the United States of America are against their leader Loida,claiming their President Rodrigo Duterte is incomparable and unmatched and that Loida should cease criticizing Duterte or else they disown her. “As far as we respect Loida,we do not want an embarrassment here in America,we should be united and President Duterte is our unifying factor,she should stop criticizing Duterte,let her provide solution to prove us that she is not a drug protector,we are beginning to know her true colours and very soon she will be disowned.” Said Rodelo Ugma,Filipino Student Leader in New York City.<

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