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BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump Decides to Deport Senator De Lima if She Dare Travel to the US!

President elect of the United States of America, Donald Trump has warned Philippines Senator Leila De Lima not to attempt to travel to the United States during his term of office as the president. 

This came after the US intelligence agencies picked signals senator De Lima was planning to travel to the United States to seek asylum.

Speaking to CNN, Mr. Trump warned Senator De Lima never to dream of getting on a plane to any airport to the United States as she will never be granted an entry or asylum. “She should deal with issues” he said. De Lima, has repeatedly been linked to the illegal drug trade by Duterte and has been the subject of congressional inquiries where high-profile inmates accused her of receiving kickbacks from drug lords.

She has also been tagged by suspected drug lord Kerwin Espinosa as a recipient of his payola. The senator, however, has denied all these allegations. De Lima, who was justice chief from 2010 to 2015, is the highest official being accused by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte of having ties to illegal drugs.

Before the House of Representatives, inmates from the New Bilibid Prison, and former National Bureau of Investigation officials had accused De Lima of accepting drug money to fund her campaign. The biggest and most recent witnesses against her were present during the Monday hearing at the Senate – alleged Eastern Visayas drug lord Kerwin Espinosa and Ronnie Dayan, De Lima’s former bodyguard and boyfriend.


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