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Belgica revealed that VP Leni asks assistance to politicians to gather people for a BIG rally that they will stage

Former Manila councilor Greco Belgica revealed an information shared to him by an informant that he rejected to be named.
According to Belgica, Vice President Leni Robredo who expected to become the leader of the opposition met a certain Mayor in Laguna on Sunday to help her to gather people for a mass rally that they will organize.
“I received information from a very credible source. That VP Leni was in Laguna yesterday and met with a certain Mayor at a golf course to ask help to gather people – hakot – for a rally they will stage. ” Belgica wrote on his Facebook page.
Belgica accused Robredo and his party mates of still using the money that they allegedly got from DAP to finance their activities.
He’s also hoping that the cases on DAP and their Pork Barrel soon to start because he was worried that the corrupt government officials and drug lords joined forces to pull down the current administration.
“Our soul, country and the future of our children is worth more than money. And they are using the money they got from DAP to finance their activities.
I hope their cases on DAP and their Pork barrel now start. Dahil ung mga kurap at drug lords ay nag sasama sama ngayon para guluhin ang ating bayan. Sana ang korte now begins to act.” Belgica added.
The camp of Leni Robredo still not responding on the post of Belgica.


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