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ABS-CBN is branded as an allege very corrupt and controlled allegedly by drug-lords and drug coddlers

The court granted the TRO and banned the airing of other advertisements of similar nature.

“Respondents are hereby enjoined to further broadcast that advertisement using minor children and paid for and by Antonio Trillanes IV, including any other future advertisements of similar nature,” the TRO said.

The TRO said the ad “must be suppressed at once, as repeated broadcasting of the same will be irreparably inimical to the children’s welfare and interest.”

It cited Section 2, Article 8, of the 2007 Broadcast Code, which mandates that “no program or sponsor shall be allowed to manifestly favor or oppose any candidate or political party.”

“These advertisements do manifestly oppose a candidate, and thus, the court cannot allow minor children to be used in such black propaganda,” the TRO said.

“Furthermore, there is truth to the claim that petitioner’s right to reply will be denied considering that the Election Day is so close now,” the TRO added.

The statements released by ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network saying there was no "Hand Shaking" sparks anger among the Filipino people because it was evident in the video released by the White House that they shake their hands amidts the controversy over duterte's allege words calling US president Obama as "Son of a whore".

BLATANT LIES: ABS-CBN, a known Giant Radio & Television Network has been eyed allegedly as the Philippine Medium of "Black propaganda loosly used by the so-called "yellow" to discredit Newly Elect President Rodrigo Duterte.

They were also EYED allegedly as a Network which is link into direct participation on their active media support allegedly to the Drug Protectors and Drug Coddlers' who is known as the allege Philippine Opposition has already been named one by one by the Philippine president as Drug protectors.

One Big Time Personalty who was recently named by Duterte who is behind Drugs coddling is allegedly the Philippine Senator leila Delima who is also tagged by Duterte as an allege Drug protector.

Dudterte recently added that Senator Delima is Receiving drug money using her allege "Bodyguard as her lover" sources which was also revealed from Department of Interior & Local Government Secretary or DILG for brevity.

In another news, Delegates were shocked after Duterte ditched his prepared speech and instead made a presentation on alleged human rights violations during the Philippine-American War.

Duterte launched into a tirade about U.S. military killings in the Philippines when it was an American colony from 1898 to 1946, according to three diplomats that Agence France-Presse spoke with who were in the room.

The source said Obama went the rounds at the summit, shaking each leader's hands, except that of Duterte's

Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. tried to downplay the incident when he talked to reporters in Jakarta, Indonesia, where Duterte is currently on a state visit.

Yasay said there was no time for Obama to shake Duterte's hands as the Philippine president had to leave the conference for his bilateral talks with Russia. When he got back to the meeting for the closing rites, Obama had already left.

However, he confirmed Duterte had a prepared speech for the 18-leader strong East Asia Summit, but decided to make a presentation on alleged human rights violations perpetrated by the U.S., saying the prepared speech was submitted to the body and will form part of the records of the ASEAN Summit

The foreign affairs secretary admitted that Duterte did make a presentation, but refused to confirm or deny if he presented a picture of the alleged atrocities.

Obama just sat still and keenly listened to Duterte's presentation, according to Yasay.

He said the president's intervention or presentation, soon as it forms part of the ASEAN Summit records, will be made public.

Meanwhile, Yasay described Duterte’s debut on the international stage as "brilliant and superb," giving him an 8.5 rating on a scale of one to 10.

According to Yasay, the president made his positions on several issues quite clearly, particularly his war on drugs and criminality

Yasay also claimed that the leaders of Japan, Singapore and China were quite impressed with Duterte's performance.

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